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February 2016 Update

Gainsborough Trail Footpath Link

We have been doing our best to find out what is happening with the proposed path and bridge that will link the estate with the Great Cornard Country Park. We know that the Council are saying that they still want to go ahead with this but to do so they need to  purchase public access to the land on the other side of the fence. This land is owned by the Sudbury and Long Melford Angling Association, who we are told do not want to give this access. They have stated that are not interested in selling the land at the present time. Babergh have made a number of offers to the anglers and are now considering tougher   action to get the link completed which remains a key priority for them.

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January 2016

The news, the information and the facts about where you live from your Bakers Mill Community Association (BMCA).

Hi. At the AGM last year it became obvious that not everyone knew what was happening on the Estate. So this year we will be publishing this news update regularly.

What Happened in 2015?

Play Area

A Health and Safety inspection of the play area found that several pieces of equipment were unsafe. To replace the faulty equipment would have upped everyone’s service charges.   As few people who live here use the play area, it was agreed that the unsafe equipment would be removed. The area has been reseeded with grass and safety bark has been laid around the two pieces of play equipment that are safe to use. Continue reading