April 2016

Gainsborough Trail Footpath Link

We hear that Babergh are still exploring how to get Gainsborough Trail footpath link open as they would like to get this link built.  We are told that they are doing all they can to get agreement with the Anglers Association.  We will let you know if we hear more.

Parking & Bins At Meadow Court

There are still problems with parked vehicles obstructing the bin lorries, resulting in            charges to the residents of Meadows’ Court.  UK Parking are being asked to monitor this.  It would be great if residents could let visitors know not to obstruct access when they park.

Friends of Bakers Mill

A huge thank you to everyone who donated money to the Friends of Bakers Mill.  We are planning to use some of the money to fund planting on the estate.

Neighbourhood Watch

We are sorry to report that there were no volunteers for Neighourhood Watch, so this has lapsed. We will ask again in a few months, just in case anyone changes their mind.

Best Kept Estates

We have been invited to enter a competition for the best kept estates run by BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries).  We will let you know what happens.

Flowers, Wildlife and Plants

We have been in discussions with Suffolk Wildlife Trust and unfortunately we won’t get a licence to spray the nettles—so we will constantly strim them.

Work is underway to create several wildflower areas on the estate—using a very generous £1000 donation given by one residence.  So far 100 fritillaries and 300 primulas have been planted.. Wildflower areas are planned near Geoffrey’s Meadow (we are thinking maybe ox-eye daisies) and in front of the hawthorn hedge (a wildflower mix including scabious, mallow, poppy and cornflower).

We have tidied up the Mill Race, before the important nesting season.  We had to leave the logs, but plan to do that soon when Suffolk Wildlife Trust advise us there will be the least impact on any creatures using it as a home.  To encourage more wildlife to this area and give colour and interest we are planning to plant buddleias, dog roses and musk mallows.

The three rotary driers  at the rear of Meadow Court do not appear to be used so these will be removed and replaced with shrubs in the Autumn.

The Bakers Mill Quiz

A big THANK YOU to Jules and Sandra for running a thoroughly enjoyable quiz at the            Visitors Centre.  Photos can be seen on www.bakersmill.co.uk.  We are all looking forward to the Summer Picnic where we hear ‘Olympic ‘ games are planned.

Litter and Dog Bins

We are all so lucky to live on such a lovely estate and want to do everything we can to reduce the litter and cigarette butts.  Unfortunately, it is taking longer than we hoped to get the new litter and cigarette bins—but they will arrive.  We are also getting bins for dog waste, as recently this has become a problem on grass beside the footpaths.  There is no guarantee that the offenders will use the bins, but we are hopeful.

Bits And Bobs

We believe the timing of lights at Bakers Court and Meadow Court is now fine.  The latches on the bin doors at Bakers Mill are now sorted.  The flat roof at Bakers Mill have been inspected and initial feedback is positive.

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