Bakers Mill Update – April 2018


Negotiations regarding payment for the void charges are still ongoing with Barratts —a draft agreement has been written and we are almost at the stage where we will need to get it checked by a legal expert. It’s taken a long time to get to this stage but the end is in sight.  (This settlement proposal with Barratts was mentioned in the balance sheet – note 5—on the last set of accounts).

Repainting of Lines

Some of the parking lines have got a little faded, so we are planning to get some of them repainted so it is clearer where people can park. There will also be signs going up in Meadow Court to make it clearer that parking is for residents only.


Drones on the Estate

Just to forewarn everyone that there may be drones flying over the flats. They are the cheapest and easiest way to inspect the flat roofs on the flats. They will help the contractor work out which cherry picker they need to do the work.


Get Involved

Just a reminder that  we need help. If you care about the estate please get in touch.  Even if you can only spare a little time—all help is welcome.  The type of things we could do with some help with are detailed overleaf:

  • Taking minutes of meetings;
  • Help with overseeing the maintenance of the Estate.;
  • Assistance organising social events;
  • Monitoring the effects of properties moving to Freehold ownership;
  • A little legal advice;
  • Just helping with the odd jobs as they arise.




Book Friday 27th April in your diary—the date of the AGM, wine and nibbles. As always there is a lot happening on the estate and we welcome your  feedback and input. The AGM is where you can get an update and put forward your views—and chat to neighbours over a glass of wine or a beer.


Dog Poo

I am sorry to tell you that here is a lot of dog poo on the grass areas. We think it may be left by visitors to the estate, which makes it a more challenging problem. If you do notice any repeat offenders please let us know. We will do our best to have a word with them—if we can. We would also ask people to be extra vigilant if they let their dogs out at night. If anyone has any suggestions on how we can reduce this mess we would love to hear from you.



We have finally managed to get a plan of where the culvert goes across the Estate.  Investigations continue.



I hear that the social club is trying to get a date agreed and booked for a barbecue later this year. So start thinking now about who you might want to invite.




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