Bakers Mill Update February 2017

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Friends of Bakers Mill

A BIG thank you to everyone who has given a donation to the BMCA. We are planning to use some of the money to buy plants for the grounds.

HML Ashton Chater

The committee has been disappointed with the way HML has been communicating with everyone on the estate. We felt that the recent bill for service charges was sent later than it should have been and has been addressed to the wrong people in some instances.  We wrote to HML and have had an apology and a commitment to get it right in the future.

Damaged Fencing

We are pleased to report that all the damaged fencing has been repaired now. The wooden poles retaining the bank of soil beside the walkway leading to 7-9 Bakers Court will be               replaced with new oak sleepers. We will give residents living there warning before it             happens.

Garden Update

I am sure you will have all noticed that the Mill Race has now been cleared. Before the Spring the plan is also to thin out some of the trees on the river bank to improve views over the river. Both tasks need to be completed before the birds start nesting.

The gardeners will be planting 100 each of Oxslips, Cowslips, Primroses and Fritillaries to add to those already planted on the river banks. Money donated to BMCA will be used for this.

Litter and Rubbish

Unfortunately there is still a lot of litter on the estate – cigarettes being thrown out of              windows, dog mess and general litter. Some of this is done by visitors to the estate but not all.  The cost of clearing this is included in the service charge. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me – to pay for someone to pick up your cigarette butts and dog mess.

Bin and Bike Stores

New doors are going to be installed in the bin stores in Meadow Court. The plan is for them to be self closing to reduce the fly tippers that are putting rubbish in our bins!  We are trying to get the water reconnected at the bin store in Bakers Court, but Anglian Water are telling us there is no record of water being connected there!

Changes will be made to the bike stores to make them more secure – there is no longer a sign saying Bike Store, which will hopefully reduce the number of  opportunist thefts.

Bollard at Bakers Court

Unfortunately there is a possibility of bollards preventing parking in the office car parking spaces at Bakers Court. For years there has been an informal agreement that residents can park in these spaces outside of office hours. Unfortunately some residents are now parking during office hours and the offices are very, very reluctantly, now considering installing lockable bollards to enable their staff to park.

Carpets in Communal Areas

We have got quotes and there should be deep cleaning of the communal area carpets in Bakers Meadow and Meadow Court in the Spring.

Barratt’s Money

We have still not received this due to concerns at Estates and Management (the ultimate Management Company responsible for the Bakers Mill Estate).  They are concerned that by signing the funds release document they may leave themselves open in the future to being sued for not seeking a higher payment. The Committee is very happy that the proposed settlement of £30k is fair, so we are exploring with Barratt’s how to resolve the situation.

Signs for Meadows Court

Unfortunately, despite our clear instructions, the new signage for Meadows Court is                      incorrect. We wanted it made clear that the addresses within are part of Dove House Meadow. So we have asked for these to be redone.


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