Bakers Mill Update – March 2018

Freehold Purchase of Bakers Court and Meadow Court
We understand that the sale of Bakers Court is going ahead, with residents purchasing the freehold. We have no knowledge at this time of who is going to be purchasing Meadow Court.
Obviously this may affect the maintenance of the properties and the grounds, so we will keep you informed as we learn more.

Peter Philpott is still meeting with Barratts regarding the void charges and we are hopeful that an agreement may be reached soon. Barratts have agreed in principle and instructed their solicitors accordingly. We will keep you updated.

Trees on Estate Protected
We have just learnt that all of the trees on the riverbank (that’s 68 mature and semi mature trees) have preservation orders on them. This means we will not be able to trim these trees without planning approval. We are allowed to remove and trim scrub growth and are planning to do this later this month.
As you know, we normally do a little bit of trimming of the trees by the river late Winter/early Spring to ensure everyone can see the river and views—a process known as “lifting the crown”. As all riverbank trees have a preservation order, this will not happen this year. We are thinking we should seek approval during the coming months—to lift the tree crowns (where needed). With the aim of doing the work next Winter – when the birds will no longer be nesting and the trees will be ‘dormant’.

Gainsborough Trail
We have been told that agreement between the Anglers Association and Babergh Council has been reached now, with talk of the legal work being completed in April. We will let you know if we hear anything more.

Fire Safety Inspections
Just to forewarn everyone that there will be Fire Safety Inspections in the flats and on the Estate this year. It is extremely important to ensure that everything is done to minimise the risk for the Estate. It may mean that you get asked to remove bikes and door mats from communal areas – to ensure safe passage out of buildings and to reduce the risk of fire. If you do, please put safety first. We know it can be inconvenient and irritating, but we really would not want anyone to be hurt or injured in a fire because they tripped over a mat or couldn’t get past a bike.

Quiz Night
As always the quiz night on February 23rd was a success—lots of laughter and fun. A big thank you to John Bocking, Sandra Orford, Chris Hyland, Sandra Hall and Sarah Huggins for all their hard work that made this go so smoothly.
The social committee are planning a barbecue and entertainment night early Summer and a table top sale on the green. So lots more exciting events to come.
Get Involved
Just a reminder that the Bakers Mill Community Association AGM is approaching fast and if you care about the Estate please get in touch. Even if you can only spare a little time—all help is welcome.
• Overseeing the maintenance of the Estate.;
• Organising social events;
• Monitoring the effects of properties moving to Freehold ownership;
• A little legal advice;
• Just helping with the odd jobs as they arise.
Mill Tye Gallery
As many of you will have noticed the Gallery has been closed for the winter months, but it will reopen the Easter Bank holiday weekend. The gallery will be open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 11am to 4pm.
The Gallery has a Spring Exhibition planned, with lots of new artwork, pottery, sculptures and textiles for people to see. There will also be an exhibition of Andy Lovell’s work in the first floor Gallery.
A BIG Thank You
Lastly a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to the Bakers Mill Community Association. We have received over £500 to date. We promise to put this money to good use for the Estate. You can easily make a donation by BACS: account number: 48593273, sort code: 60-21-03

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