Bakers Mill Update May 2017

Bakers Mill Update:
May 2017

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Parking and the River Stour Trust Visitor Centre

There have been complaints about events at the Visitor Centre, especially with regard to parking. Unfortunately, as we all know, some people will park their car without                            consideration for others. We have not been able to stop some residents of the estate    doing this, so it is unrealistic to expect that the Trust will be able to stop all visitors from being equally inconsiderate.

We have been chatting to the Trust about the challenge of parking when they have events. The Trust wants to work with us all to stop parking problems. They tell everyone who books the Centre (in writing) that there is limited parking on-site and will do what they can to make this more prominent. We suggested it might help if we knew in advance of future bookings.

Barratt’s Money

We are sorry to report that Estates and Management (E&M) are still delaying the payment of the £30,000 agreed by Barratt’s (around half of this is for disputed void payments and the rest is for future maintenance costs for the culvert). E&M have agreed the void settlement but will not agree the culvert payment unless 100% of the Bakers Mill residents empower the Committee to accept this on their behalf—as full and final settlement. We are hoping to persuade Barratt’s to separate the two payments so we receive the payment for void monies. We can then tackle the challenge over the culvert funds separately.

We have recently had a specialist company check what is involved with the culvert and they have given us a quote for inspecting the culvert and keeping it clear of debris.

Social Committee

John Bocking has kindly agreed to see whether he can continue the social events on the estate, with the assistance and experience of the social team who are happy to help him with this. So, hopefully, there will be at least one more quiz to look forward to!

Houses Planned for Weighbridge Site

A planning application has been put forward for the building of three terraced houses and a bungalow on the Weighbridge site. This includes some alteration to the parking for the businesses on the estate. The Committee will do everything it can to support the                         businesses putting forward their concerns about this.

Garden Update

As we are sure you will all have noticed the trees along the embankment have been cut back to give everyone a much better view of the river and countryside beyond. There has been lots of positive feedback about this. A big thank you to everyone who helped with this—it was really appreciated.

Some of you may have noticed that when we clear the Mill Pond the weeds are moved to the bank near to the River Stour Trust Visitor Centre. Please note this is not a compost   area. People have been putting lawn cuttings and garden debris here and it is causing problems. Unfortunately we don’t have room for a proper compost heap, nor the tools or labour to manage it, turn it, etc. There has also been garden rubbish such as broken pots left—all you are doing here is adding a charge to everyone’s maintenance bill as we have to pay  the gardeners to remove them.

20 meters of wildflower matting has been laid in front of the hawthorn hedge as a trial.

Work continues on widening the Mill Race.

Bikes Marking The Carpets

The bikes that are being brought into the communal areas of Bakers Court and Meadow Court have marked some of the carpets and the walls. Deep cleaning of the carpets is planned to start 21st May. It would be really appreciated if people could take care afterwards to ensure the carpets are not damaged any further.

Bits Done

New doors have been installed in the bin stores in Meadow Court. We hope everyone will agree that they are better that what was there before. Water has been supplied to the stores making it easier to keep everything cleaner.

The outside of the Bakers Court building has been cleaned and is looking a lot brighter as a result.

New signs for Meadow Court have been put up, explaining that it is part of Dove House Meadow, which should make it a lot easier for visitors.






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