Bakers Mill Update October 2016

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October Get Together and AGM

Don’t forget that the AGM is on Thursday October 27th at 7pm at the River Stour Trust Visitor centre. Find out what we have been up to and afterwards have a chat to your neighbours with cakes, wine, beer and refreshments. If you think you would love to help, nomination papers have been popped through the doors. We are hoping for new members to help out with everything.  We would love help with the following:

  • Social Committee. There are several lovely and very willing volunteers happy to help with social events, but we need someone to chair and organise this committee.
  • Grounds. Phil Orford is currently managing this but could do with help. It would involve meetings and walks around the grounds with Greenscapes. Monitoring their work and planning/costing/implementing new projects.
  • Otherwise it is a question of helping out as and when need arises. Attending committee meetings and volunteering to help with new matters as they arise.

Neighbourhood Watch

I am delighted to report that George Clark has agreed to take on the Neighbourhood Watch for the estate. It is great to have someone to help keep the estate safe.  If you would like to contact George about anything, his email is

Fly Tipping

We believe that there is unfortunately some fly tipping going on at Meadow Court. If anyone knows anything about this could they let George Clark know. If we could get more details about the vehicle doing this George can report it to the Community Support Officers. At the moment residents are having to pay for the rubbish to be removed.

And Yet More Bins

We are pleased to say that the cigarette bins have made a big difference to the number of cigarette butts on the ground, so another two are going to be added.   The Bin stores at Meadow Court are really nasty. Rats, doors not closing and generally yuk. So we are going to get quotes to see how much it will cost to clean them and get better self closing doors.

Fence Fatigue

Apparently some of our fences are suffering from fatigue. Poor things.  They will need repairing and some will need replacing. This includes the fencing that is restraining the bank of soil to along the walkway leading to 7-9 Bakers Court.

Trees, Trees and Trees

I am sorry to have to report that someone has carved on and peeled off the bark of one of the Ash trees on the river bank and it has died. This is particularly sad as Ash trees are in decline in this country.   We also have a Cyprus tree near the rail crossing that has Cyprus canker. We will need to get this taken down, but will need to check first about the Health and Safety issues of taking down a tree so near to the railway line.   Some of the birches in Bakers Court will be replaced.

Planned Work

  • The escape walkway at Bakers Court will be power washed.
  • The Mill Race will be cleared soon, again when we can be sure it won’t disturb wildlife, and we will also look to cut back reed growth to widen the water channel.
  • The plan is to trim back the trees by the river when we can be sure it won’t disturb the wildlife there.
  • The bollards will be installed at Meadow Court where flower/shrub beds have been damaged (in fact should be there by the time you receive this update).

Friends of Bakers Mill

As always all donations to the Friends of Bakers Mill are greatly appreciated.

Winter Quiz

We hear there is a pub quiz planned for later this year – we know how popular these are so keep an eye out for the invite.

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