Bakers Mill Update – October 2017

A quick update on what we have found about the culvert so far. We now know that the commercial properties are not individually responsible for any upkeep of the culvert. A BIG thank you to one of the owners of one of the busineesses who was extremely helpful and gave us access to legal documents for his property to help us with this.
With regard to the remainder of the estate’s responsibilities, enquiries are still ongoing. The solicitor we consulted believes that every freehold property on the estate should have received an Audit Certificate that details their responsibilities for the upkeep of the shared grounds. We have not been able to track one down. So, if you did receive an Audit Certificate, we would be very grateful if you get in touch. Also, if there is anyone on the estate with legal experience who would be willing to give free assistance with this matter it would be very, very gratefully received.

Barratt’s tell us that the payment of the money in respect of void charges and the culvert is now with their internal legal team. We will keep you informed. Also just to mention that Barratt’s are planning to sell the freehold and so have sent out a letter, giving leaseholders the chance to purchase the freehold within two months.

The Grounds

We have had very positive feedback from the trial meadow planting in front of the hedge behind the Mill Race. So we will purchase more meadow matting for the remainder of the border in front of the hedge. We are also planning the replanting of the railway garden to include a screening hedge where the iron fence is. Monies given to the Bakers Mill Community Association will be used to pay for half of the costs of the plants.

Success with the Drains/Gullies

We are really pleased to tell you that there have been people from the Highways visiting the estate to check the gullies. We think this must be due to many of you contacting the relevant people. So a big THANK YOU, and please keep an eye out to see if matters improve. If not, please keep writing!

Emergency Signage, etc

Just to let you know that we have confirmed that HML should be regularly checking emergency signage and facilities. They have assured us they will be doing this later this year.

Gainsbourough Trail

We have been assured that this will be going ahead. Apparently there is a query about a piece of land but we are told the aim is to get the path opened next year. We will keep you updated if we hear of any more news on this.

Some members of the Committee met with the local Street Watch to chat about the parking dan-gers. Street Watch agreed that some parking on the estate was dangerous and ilIegal. They have agreed to monitor the estate and to do everything they can to help, including advising police of offenders. As everyone knows, the majority of the parking is safe, considerate and fine, but there are just a few cars that repeatedly park unsafely and inconsiderately. With Street Watch’s help we hope to get this sorted.
Bin Stores at Meadows Court
These bins are a lot, lot better than they used to be, but it has been mentioned that some split bags of rubbish have been dumped on the floor. Causing inconvenience to everyone. Also, just to let you know we have contacted the HML regarding the locks that need fixing and the doors that need adjusting.
The Social Bits
I am delighted to tell you that there is now a Facebook site for the social events run by the Com-mittee. So if you are on Facebook please do check it out and apply to join the group I am also delighted to let you know that on the 15 December the Social Committee will be running a Christmas Cracker—drinks and fun at the River Stour Trust’s Visitor Centre. Phone John Bocking on 07880 724683 to book.
Message from John Bocking
I would like to thank all those that attended the recent quiz night- you all helped to make it a very enjoyable evening. Also a big thank you to those that helped with the various tasks before and on the night. Organising an event can only be a success if the level of support is given—everyone who attended the quiz evening certainly gave that, enabling the event to be successful and contested in an excellent atmosphere.
I hope you will all come along and support our intended Christmas Cracker evening, on Friday 15th December, and help us create another special event. I will provide more details shortly. John

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