Your Committee

The committee always welcomes input from residents and you will find contact information for various committee members below. Please feel free to chat to any committee member about any concerns you have.

Committee Structure

  • Lee Prentice, Chairman:, 18 Bakers Court
  • Richard Robins, Vice-Chair:, Holgate House, Hall Street, Long Melford, CO10 7JA
  • Glen Mansbridge, Treasurer:, 83 Dove House Meadow, 01787 881536
  • Rebecca Mansbridge, News:, 83 Dove House Meadow, 01787 881536
  • Peter Philpott, Leaseholders Sub-Committee Chair:, 14 Bakers Court, 07831 311551
  • Phil Orford,grounds committee; finance and management committee, Dove House Meadow 
  • Mike Fitzmaurice, grounds committee
  • John Bocking, social committee, 07880 724683