February 2016 Update

Gainsborough Trail Footpath Link

We have been doing our best to find out what is happening with the proposed path and bridge that will link the estate with the Great Cornard Country Park. We know that the Council are saying that they still want to go ahead with this but to do so they need to  purchase public access to the land on the other side of the fence. This land is owned by the Sudbury and Long Melford Angling Association, who we are told do not want to give this access. They have stated that are not interested in selling the land at the present time. Babergh have made a number of offers to the anglers and are now considering tougher   action to get the link completed which remains a key priority for them.

 Neighbourhood Watch

Would you like to help keep Bakers Mill a safer place to live? The estate is a Neighbourhood Watch area but the gentleman who ran this for the estate has moved home. We would love to keep it going though, so are looking for someone who would be happy to liaise with the Police Neighbourhood Watch team, attend their meetings and help us keep the www.bakersmill.co.uk website up to date with the latest updates.

Communal Area Cleaning

We are disappointed with the standard of cleaning in the communal areas for the apartments (lobbies, stairwells, etc.) —a bit too much dust for our satisfaction! So Peter Philpott (Leaseholder Sub-Committee) is going to raise this with Homes and Watson. He is also going to check when the carpets are scheduled to be cleaned. Now that the properties have been repainted it would be good to get them cleaned, costs permitting.


Some of the lights at Bakers Court and Meadows Court are staying on too long—or not   coming on quickly enough!. Peter is going to check them all with the contractors and see what can be done to get them working as we want.


For all you smokers that find it frustrating that there is nowhere to put your cigarette ends, we will be trialling cigarette bins. We are currently paying the gardeners to pick up a lot of litter—especially a lot of cigarette butts. So we think dedicated bins will be a lot better for everyone.

Meadow and Bakers Court

We hope that you like the new planting in Meadows Court and Bakers Court. As well as extra birch trees and plants, the cobbled areas have been removed and planted with shrubs. We think everything is looking a lot smarter and hope you agree.

Friends of Bakers Mill

Please support your committee in their activities on your behalf by donating an annual subscription of £5 or more to our Treasurer at No 83 Dove House Meadow.

Did You Know…

A map dated 1686 shows the area where our development now sits being Dove House Field. Edward Baker bought the Mill here in 1851 when he was 29 years old.

Meet The Committee

Peter Philpott

When I left school I joined the Police Force in Kent for four years. After that I moved to Michelin Tyre Company and had a career for thirty seven years, working in               several areas of the UK and travelling to most European countries. I moved to Bakers Court six years ago, shortly after I retired. I have been involved with our community matters for a number of years and am Chairman of the Leaseholders Sub-Committee. My other interest is golf and I am currently Chairman of Newton Green Golf Club.

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