Bakers Mill Update – April 2018


Negotiations regarding payment for the void charges are still ongoing with Barratts —a draft agreement has been written and we are almost at the stage where we will need to get it checked by a legal expert. It’s taken a long time to get to this stage but the end is in sight.  (This settlement proposal with Barratts was mentioned in the balance sheet – note 5—on the last set of accounts).

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Bakers Mill Update – March 2018

Freehold Purchase of Bakers Court and Meadow Court
We understand that the sale of Bakers Court is going ahead, with residents purchasing the freehold. We have no knowledge at this time of who is going to be purchasing Meadow Court.
Obviously this may affect the maintenance of the properties and the grounds, so we will keep you informed as we learn more.

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Bakers Mill Update – October 2017

A quick update on what we have found about the culvert so far. We now know that the commercial properties are not individually responsible for any upkeep of the culvert. A BIG thank you to one of the owners of one of the busineesses who was extremely helpful and gave us access to legal documents for his property to help us with this.
With regard to the remainder of the estate’s responsibilities, enquiries are still ongoing. The solicitor we consulted believes that every freehold property on the estate should have received an Audit Certificate that details their responsibilities for the upkeep of the shared grounds. We have not been able to track one down. So, if you did receive an Audit Certificate, we would be very grateful if you get in touch. Also, if there is anyone on the estate with legal experience who would be willing to give free assistance with this matter it would be very, very gratefully received.

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Bakers Mill Update

August 2017

The news, the information and the facts about where you live from your Bakers Mill Community Association (BMCA).  Email address:

The Culvert

As many of you know there is a culvert that runs from the Mill Race under the green, around the edge of Bakers Court and to the pond. This has not been inspected or maintained since it was built over 10 years ago (and there may be some parts of the culvert that are older than this). The culvert runs below the Managed Land that is maintained by the residents (such as the main grass area and the border area in front of Bakers Court). So we think residents are responsible for it’s maintenance, but we are working hard to confirm this.

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Bakers Mill Update May 2017

Bakers Mill Update:
May 2017

The news, the information and the facts about where you live from your Bakers Mill      Community Association (BMCA).  Email address:

Parking and the River Stour Trust Visitor Centre

There have been complaints about events at the Visitor Centre, especially with regard to parking. Unfortunately, as we all know, some people will park their car without                            consideration for others. We have not been able to stop some residents of the estate    doing this, so it is unrealistic to expect that the Trust will be able to stop all visitors from being equally inconsiderate.

We have been chatting to the Trust about the challenge of parking when they have events. The Trust wants to work with us all to stop parking problems. They tell everyone who books the Centre (in writing) that there is limited parking on-site and will do what they can to make this more prominent. We suggested it might help if we knew in advance of future bookings.

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Bakers Mill Update February 2017

The news, the information and the facts about where you live from your Bakers Mill            Community Association (BMCA).  Email address:

Friends of Bakers Mill

A BIG thank you to everyone who has given a donation to the BMCA. We are planning to use some of the money to buy plants for the grounds.

HML Ashton Chater

The committee has been disappointed with the way HML has been communicating with everyone on the estate. We felt that the recent bill for service charges was sent later than it should have been and has been addressed to the wrong people in some instances.  We wrote to HML and have had an apology and a commitment to get it right in the future. Continue reading

Bakers Mill Update October 2016

The news, the information and the facts about where you live from your Bakers Mill            Community Association (BMCA).  Email address:

October Get Together and AGM

Don’t forget that the AGM is on Thursday October 27th at 7pm at the River Stour Trust Visitor centre. Find out what we have been up to and afterwards have a chat to your neighbours with cakes, wine, beer and refreshments. If you think you would love to help, nomination papers have been popped through the doors. We are hoping for new members to help out with everything.  We would love help with the following: Continue reading

June 2016

Homes & Watson

The owner of Homes and Watson has decided to retire and has therefore sold his company to HML Ashton Chater.  You should be receiving a letter from HML explaining more, but in the meantime we shall be monitoring the new company closely.  Our contract renewal with H&W is February 2017 and we expect our current Terms & Conditions to remain unchanged until then.  Lee Prentice (Chairman) has spoken with Head of Property Management, a meeting with him and the committee at Bakers Mill is being arranged for late July. We have also been assured that we will be keeping our current property manager.

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April 2016

Gainsborough Trail Footpath Link

We hear that Babergh are still exploring how to get Gainsborough Trail footpath link open as they would like to get this link built.  We are told that they are doing all they can to get agreement with the Anglers Association.  We will let you know if we hear more. Continue reading