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Bakers Mill Update – October 2017

A quick update on what we have found about the culvert so far. We now know that the commercial properties are not individually responsible for any upkeep of the culvert. A BIG thank you to one of the owners of one of the busineesses who was extremely helpful and gave us access to legal documents for his property to help us with this.
With regard to the remainder of the estate’s responsibilities, enquiries are still ongoing. The solicitor we consulted believes that every freehold property on the estate should have received an Audit Certificate that details their responsibilities for the upkeep of the shared grounds. We have not been able to track one down. So, if you did receive an Audit Certificate, we would be very grateful if you get in touch. Also, if there is anyone on the estate with legal experience who would be willing to give free assistance with this matter it would be very, very gratefully received.

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